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Storycraft Communications provides Christian editorial services, freelance editor and freelance editorial services, freelance author services,
guest preaching, freelance copy writing and freelance writing services. Owner Drew Zahn is a freelance editor, Christian editor, freelance
author, freelance writer, freelance copy writer, public speaker, and guest preacher
"Welcome to Storycraft, home of
Drew Zahn--author, editor, speaker, guest preacher, and
home-educating father of 1

At Storycraft Communications, our
goal is to make the communicated
word clear, insightful, intriguing,
and applicable to everyday life."
-- Drew Zahn
Drew Zahn - Christian editor, author, public
Editorial Services Provided by Storycraft Communications:
Freelance editing
Freelance writing and copy writing
Guest speaking and guest preaching
Free self-editing tips

Freelance editing services
Drew Zahn has been a freelance editor since 1999. Authors, publishers,
businesses, and students have benefited from his editing experience.

If you have a book or article that needs a professional editor's eye, a business
presentation or brochure that needs to communicate in a clear, persuasive
manner, or any other form of editing, contact Storycraft Communications for a
no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

For more on how an editor could help your project, see the
editing link
above. To learn about Drew's editing experience and see samples of his
edited works, click the Drew Zahn button above, or just
click here.

Freelance copy writing services
Companies use freelance copy writers and freelance authors when they want
reports and presentations, brochures, newsletters, websites, promotional
materials, or advertising copy that is clear, professional, and persuasive.

Executives use freelance writers and ghostwriters to professionally craft
biographical information, company-wide memos, and the occasional article
in trade publications. Storycraft Communications writer, Drew Zahn, has
ghostwritten dozens of articles for leaders and executives nation-wide.

Authors and publishers use freelance writers to craft biographical
information, promotional information (such as the back cover of your book),
and promotional book

To learn about Drew's writing experience, click on the Drew Zahn link

To see more of  Drew's writing portfolio, visit the
Written Articles section
of this website.

Guest speaking and guest preaching
Drew Zahn has had opportunity to speak at the Green Lake Writer's
Conference and the Northeast Iowa Writer's Conference and is capable of
speaking at writer's events, family and parenting events, and homeschooling

Additionally, as a former pastor and assistant editor of,
Drew is called upon frequently to be a guest preacher at local churches of a
variety of denominations.

All speaking fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and you may learn
more about Drew's speaking by clicking the
Speaking button above.

Free Self-editing tips
Click the button above, or here, for tips on self-editing your own writing.

Dear Visitor:
Please notice the navigation bar at the upper left. Click on the field that
interests you, and don't miss the free self-editing tips, which can help turn
your writing and speaking into a well-crafted art.

I also encourage you to look at "Drew's Books." Through my work with
Christianity Today, International, I have helped to compile books full of the
kind of stories that professional communicators use to give their messages
insight and impact. And if you're a preacher, I encourage you to explore, a subscription website that I served as assistant editor
and that can help you to strengthen your presentation of the Word of God.

Finally, while I appreciate those of you who hire Storycraft Communications
to add insight and impact to your messages, I hope all who visit here will
pick up some of the "art" of storytelling. I want no monopoly on effective
communication! Instead, I hope this website will spark your creativity and
encourage you to develop the craft of storytelling ... "Because a story is
worth a thousand words."

Peace, purpose, and joy be yours,
Drew Zahn
Christian editor, author, public speaker
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