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Where Art Thou, Romeo?
by Drew Zahn
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by Drew Zahn
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"Because a story is worth a thousand words."
In this two-act play, written for teenage and community
theater groups, young Hamlet has lost his dog, Romeo. With
the help of a cast of Shakespeare characters from several of
the Bard's plays and a tongue-in-cheek spoof on all that is
Shakespearean, Hamlet sets out in search of Romeo. On a
dark night, however, he is confronted by Romeo's ghost,
who not only confirms that he was "dognapped," but also
that he was poisoned. Through a series of famous
Shakespearean scenes, Hamlet and his friends set out in
search of the culprit, in what becomes a clue-ridden who-
done-it. As the play shifts from scene to scene, two film
critics (Siskelette and Eberta) provide running commentary
and comic relief, helping the audience—especially those less
versed in Shakespeare's works—recognize the parody in the
play's scenes. "Where Art Thou, Romeo?" was accepted for
performance by the Heart and Home Theater Group of
Boone, Iowa, for performance in 2008.
Since beginning his relationship with the Heart and Home
Theater Group, Drew has gone on to write and direct a
number of plays, including:

"Death, Taxes and Other Subjects Not Spoken of in Polite

"East Side Story"

"Where the Tame Things Are"
This allegorical fantasy novel for young readers is currently
seeking publication. Nine-year-old Rennolf Tuckley
("Renn") loses his home and family after his village of
Glenhaven is destroyed in a battle between the Clan of the
Bear and the bird people called Velyks. Renn discovers an
ancient book, an old Velyk treasure called
The Leaves,
which guides him on a journey of trust and self-discovery.
Whisper in the Leaves
is the first in a three-book series called
The Glenhaven Trilogy.
A Whisper in the Leaves
by Drew Zahn
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