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Drew has written or edited hundreds of articles for Leadership, PreachingToday.
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Leadership, Drew's hand at editing is less visible, but a few of the articles he
edited are listed below:
"Leave Room for God," an interview with Ed Dobson, Leadership, Fall 2001
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In March of 2004, Christian Home & School published one of Drew's articles,
entitled, "Window Moments." For the full text of "Window Moments," please go
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Stratford Teens Attend Week-Long Mission Trip
On August 3rd, nine teens and three adults from
First Baptist Church in Stratford returned from a
week-long missions trip. The mission team partnered
with teens from four other churches through an
organization called Youth Works to bring hope and
love to Steubenville, Ohio.

Once a prosperous city of 50,000, the closing of
Steubenville's steel mills left behind an urban ghost
town. Now fewer than 20,000—mostly elderly,
homeless, and the very poor—live in an empty city
littered with abandoned buildings, potholed streets,
and homes in severe disrepair.

"For many of us, it was our first hands-on
experience with extreme poverty," said trip leader,
Drew Zahn. "We talked almost daily with homeless
men. We held in our arms children from the projects
who were hungry for care and affection."
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"Because a story is worth a thousand words."
From March of 2004 through August of 2005, Drew wrote a monthly column for
The Stratford Courier
called "Our Unburied Treasures." He has also written other
articles and announcements for the same newspaper. Drew's writing has appeared
in at least four Iowa newspapers, and the list is growing. One of his most recent
articles appears below:
(As appeared in The Stratford Courier, August 15, 2007)

The missions team worked to repair a church, paint a widow's house, and run a week-long
children's club. The teens provided games, skits, crafts, songs, and a message of Jesus' love to
dozens of the city's poorest children.

For many of the teens, loving the children was the highlight of the week. "The kids were so
inviting, so willing to welcome us into their hearts," said Stratford teen, Hannah Zahn. "I was able
to teach one little girl that she didn't need to be scared of praying, even in front of others. It was
reassuring to know that I could make a difference in their lives."

Hannah's sister, Leeanna, learned another lesson from Steubenville's children: "They didn't care
who I was or what I wore or any of those things so important to most teenagers. They looked at
who I was inside and how I showed God's love," she said.

The challenge for the missions team now is to bring the lessons learned in Steubenville back to
Stratford. For Leeanna, having traveled with other teens from the church will help accomplish that
goal: "I saw new things I didn't expect in the other people in our group—how hard they worked,
served, and loved others. They inspired me to become the person I want to be."