Storycraft Communications
*The following list is no longer current, but gives examples of
previous speaking engagements.

May 29, 2005: Denison Baptist Church, Denison, Iowa
- "What Do We Do Now?"

June 12, 2005: First Baptist Church, Stratford, Iowa
- "Like It Matters"

July 3-8, 2005: Pine Lake Christian Camp, Eldora, Iowa
- "Faith, Free-Style"

November 6, 2005: First Baptist Church, Stratford, Iowa
- "Be Excellent to Each Other"

April 30, 2006: First Baptist Church, Stratford, Iowa
- "You, Me, He, She--But God Has Called Us to Be We"

November 26, 2006: Lanyon Covenenat Church, Lanyon, Iowa
- "We Will Get Back Up Again"

March 3, 2007: Northeast Iowa Writer's Conference
- "What Magazine Editors Are Looking For"

March 4, 2007: Christ Church of Story City, Iowa
- "Self-Condemnation: The Defeated Foe"

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"Because a story is worth a thousand words."
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