Storycraft Communications
Editing by Drew Zahn
With five years of experience as a professional editor for Christianity
Today, International and the experience of editing six books, Drew is
capable of proofreading, editing, or word-crafting your
documents, reports, presentations, manuals, newsletters, brochures and
marketing materials, articles, novels, books, and more.
And because Drew
lives in inexpensive central Iowa, he is capable of meeting your editorial
needs at
less cost than most professional editors.
What can an editor do for my business?
What can an editor do for my book?
How do I know if Storycraft's services could help my document?
What if I'm trying to self-publish a book, and I can't imagine spending
that much?
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"Because a story is worth a thousand words."
Unclear, uninteresting, or unprofessional documents and presentations cost
companies sales, public opinion, and the opportunity to impart vision and
motivation to their employees. An editor can ensure your business communication
is clearly and accurately presented. An editor can help you add interest and
persuasion. In short, an editor can ensure your business communication is clear,
correct, and compelling--and that gives you a competitive advantage.
Many authors lose the interest of readers and acquisition editors because their
writing contains grammatical errors or lapses in clarity. Occasionally, a book needs
only a few tweaks of wording or word-order to speak in a more intriguing or
compelling voice. An editor can correct your manuscript against professionally
accepted standards of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. An editor can also
advise or help you to utilize storycrafting techniques that will increase your
readers' interest and enjoyment.
That's simple. Contact us for a no-cost evaluation. If we can't help, or if an
editor's services wouldn't be cost-effective, we'll tell you. Otherwise, we can give
you some specific ways in which our editing skills could improve your document.
You decide from there.
How much does hiring an editor cost?
Storycraft Communications has established its payscale in accordance with
industry standards as determined by the national Editing Freelance Association
( Close examination, however, will reveal that Storycraft
Communications keeps its payscale on the low side of the national average
payscale range.

Professional editors can charge per hour, per word, or per page, depending on the
project. Brief documents are usually charged per hour or word, while longer
documents, such as books or manuals, are often billed per page.
*It is important to
remember that no exact estimate can be given until the editor reviews the
document. The following payscale information is for approximate estimates only.

The cost of editing depends on the extent of editing your document needs.  There
are three basic levels of editing, and each involves differing amounts of an editor's
time and skill:

The simplest form of editing, proofreading is checking your document against
professionally accepted standards of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. At this
time, Storycraft Communications offers proofreading at the low cost of $30 per
hour. Having your article proofread may cost as little as $30. A professional
proofreading of a 200-page book would cost about $450.

Copyediting includes proofreading plus suggestions on improving your work
through structure changes, wording choices, and filling in the occasionally missing
pieces of logic. This is what is typically considered "editing" in the publishing
business. While proofreading could likely be done by any college student majoring
in English, effective copyediting requires experience in the fields of journalism,
publishing, or marketing. Storycraft Communications offers copyediting rates
among the lowest of professional editors, beginning at $40 per hour.

In some cases, a "substantial edit" may be needed. Some editing firms distinguish
between the copyedit and the substantial edit. In the event your document needs a
substantial edit, Storycraft Communications charges $45 per hour.

In rewriting, the most intensive form of editing, an editor works hand-in-hand with
an author to produce the best possible collaborative document. Storycraft
Communications editor Drew Zahn has experience interviewing, ghostwriting, and
rewriting articles and books--essential skills when looking for someone to join you
in collaborative professional rewrite. The cost for this kind of editing is best
handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the size and scope of the project. If
you have a document that needs serious help, contact Drew at Storycraft
Communications to discuss the possibilities.
Many authors who seek to self-publish face the daunting costs of printing and
marketing their work. Hiring an editor, too, seems like too much upfront cost. But
for most writers, hiring an editor can be the difference between a
well-communicated message and a dud. If you're serious about self-publishing, but
intimidated by the costs of editing, please contact Storycraft Communications. We
do occasionally offer discounted or variable payment rates when we deem the
project merits it.