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Ignite the Fire!
Originally self-published, but later acquired by a publishing house
by Terri Camp
Terri's book on building fun and excitement into home
education is filled with creativity and insight. It helps families
tie learning to their children's God-given passions. This book
was also an important early step in launching Terri's
successful writing and speaking career.

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Welcome Home, Daddy
by Lorrie Flem
Lorrie's book serves as a call, an inspiration, and an idea
resource for mothers who feel drawn back to the traditional
role of housewife. Lorrie's humility, honesty, and ingenuity
come through as she shares her journey from frustrated
stay-at-home mom to fulfilled homemaker.

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"Because a story is worth a thousand words."
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Unholy Grail
Self-published by Richard Sorensen
Richard's exhaustive research turns the biblical narrative on
its head in this fascinating account of Judas Iscariot's
childhood and subsequent fall into becoming the most
infamous betrayer in history. And when Iscariot's obsession
with Mary Magdalene spawns a demonically twisted
bloodline, Richard sets the stage for a second book in this
series, which traces the bloodline from Iscariot all the way to
the Antichrist.
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Kids, Flies, & Other Stuff
Self-published by Kenya Banks
When the stresses of everyday life as a housemom grew
overwhelming, Kenya Banks found peace and perspective
by learning to trust God in a whole new way. Through
humor, Scripture, and occasionally painful self-disclosure,
Kenya helps her readers—especially those chasing down
kids, flies, and other "mom" stuff—find that same trust and

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